The recent agreement with Iran offers renewed opportunities for European and Iranian companies. Iran has a shortage in almost everything, so it is a new, growing market for European entrepreneurs.

Are you looking for companies that are active in Iran? Would you like to exchange experiences with other entrepreneurs or collaborate to capture the Iranian market? We would be pleased to help you.

What we do

We deliver and organize customized trade missions and business travels from and to Iran.

During these missions entrepreneurs can get acquainted with potential business partners, organizations in a similar field and the local government to gain a mutual economic benefit and take further steps to establish international trade.


Iran Europe Line focuses on a great diversity of industries:
- Oil & gas
- Infrastructure
- Medical articles
- Tourism
- Water
- Environment
- Constructional machines
- Information technology (IT)

About Iran

Iran has over 80 million inhabitants and is the birthplace of one of the oldest civilizations of the world. Iran’s long history, rich culture and diversified climate (Iran is often called the land of the four seasons in one day) makes the country a popular tourist spot. But it is also a popular trade spot: thanks to its large stock of fuels, Iran is the fourth biggest oil exporter in the world. The country has a gross national income of more than 370 billion dollar, which makes it number 30 on the list of countries with the biggest economies in the world.

In 2006 an economic embargo was placed on Iran, which ceased the growth of the economy and infrastructure of the country. Due to the country not being able to do business with Europe, Iran’s export was limited to China, India and the Middle East. It is expected that Iran will retake its place in the world market during the first half of 2016. This offers new opportunities, mostly for European entrepreneurs.

Many European companies see that now is the right time to expand to Iran. Currently, Iran has a great need for raw materials and products, and that makes the country an attractive export market for any sector. The differences between Iran and your country can be to your advantage. What sets off slow in most countries goes much faster in Iran. There is a lot of room for change and demand for a fresh way of doing things. This makes Iran the market that you probably did not think was possible.

Due to its independent position in both the private and public sector, Iran Europe Line has built up an extensive and well functioning international network. Parties from our network are keen to collaborate with us and communicating with customers is our priority. Iran Europe Line is capable of reaching and uniting entrepreneurs, partly due to the policing support we offer. Besides that we are connected to related civic, regional, national and international entrepreneur and policy networks. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that your interests receive the highest priority.