Where the European market is saturated, Iran Europe Line helps you with establishing yourself in new markets in Iran. We open the way to trade, we mediate and we help establish a proper network. Besides starting a new company we can also help you with collaborating with local partners.

Oil & gas

Iran does not have sufficient expertise concerning the search of new oil and gas. However, there is need for this expertise and in Europe there is plenty of expertise concerning this topic. Next to Russia, Iran has the world’s largest amount of gas. Iran wants to construct more installations to make the gas fluid, to be able to transport it to export markets in Asia.

Iran has scheduled several major pipeline projects: the country wants to construct an oil pipeline to Turkey and a gas pipeline to Pakistan that’s 2700 kilometers long. This has to be finished in 2017.


Iran’s infrastructure has a lot of room for improvement. The ports need to adjust to new trade flows. New management will have to be trained for this. The country wants to establish a railroad as well and the road network has to be adjusted. The airlines have great need for modern management and advisors to consult about airplane maintenance. Currently, Iran owns many old planes – their most modern airplanes are Fokker 50 en Fokker 100.

Medical articles

The medical sector has a major shortage of resources; namely devices such as MRI scanners, but also disposable articles such as bandages, needles, gloves, et cetera.


Tourism in Iran has had a major setback. Iran is a beautiful country and has a surface of 1,648,195 km2. It has several tourist spots. The country is often called ‘the home of civilization’ and has a rich, historic culture, but also a diverse climate and kitchen. Besides that, Iranians are known for their hospitality.

The tourist infrastructure – such as hotels, restaurants, buses, airplanes, et cetera – needs to be updated. The food sector also needs to be looked at as certain nutrients have shortages, but the country also has several delicacies in abundance, such as saffron and caviar from the Caspian Sea.


There is also a shortage of clean water in Iran. A lot can be done with desalination and recycling of wastewater.


The air pollution, mostly in cities such as Teheran, is a challenge. Cars, heating systems and others have a lot of catching up to do. There is also a lot to do for European farmers in the Iranian food industry: Europe has plenty of greenhouses, while this technology is unknown in Iran. The diverse climates and long seasons make Iran an interesting market for European farmers.

Construction machines

There is a great need for construction machines such as bulldozers – not just for road construction, but also to construct buildings such as apartment buildings. Hydraulics is a golden market in the Middle East, because those people are not accustomed to commit pre-emptive maintenance. When a hydraulic part of a machine breaks down, it causes millions of damage – this could all be prevented by proper maintenance. In other words, Iran is an export market with many possibilities.

Information technology (IT)

And then there is IT. On hardware as well as software area there is an entire market to conquer. The IT infrastructure has great need for improvement: many cities still need to install glass fiber. But the software sector has a lot of potential as well. Most Western software is not ready for Persian appliances, because the language is written in a different way. Besides that, Persian needs differ from Western needs. Here are opportunities for (new) companies to accommodate their products and technologies to the needs of the Iranians. Iran Europe Line can be your partner in this.